A teacher to the last


Dying is the horrible word to this world. But everyone has to go through it. Only few of us can accept and prepare for death. This book is about a philosopher who could welcome his fate. Even in his worst condition he could teach one of his friendly student about the life.

Whole story is all about only one question

How do you want to die?

In his early age he suffered lot, his mom died, his brother was attacked by polio. His father lost his job and he didn’t care much about his sons. Many days they starved for food. Later he studied well and the he became sociology professor. After the job he married his colleague, later he have 2 children. He is very sincere to his work rarely took off his job. In his class he is very humorous and jovial. He mostly gave “A” grade to his students. Every weekend he goes to church for dancing and enjoy jazz music. He always loves to walk around his place. He lived very happy life. Happy old man’s life turned upside down after being diagnosis of neurological disorder. He could barely move his legs and couldn’t speak continuously more than a minute. At the edge of his life, he gave his beautiful advice to everyone.

An old man gives life’s greatest lesson to a young man. That young man was the author of this book. He teaches about how world acts in every situation, requesting you to sorry yourself for your mistakes, and to accepts regrets in life. He helps you to make priorities in life, and explain how family is important to us. He advanced you to live a beautiful life, even he want you to live your life.

The book goes throughout conversation between author and his teacher. A real life story with different perspective about the life. When you read it, it takes you to that place. Book is filled with simple words but flow of book is little slow. That slow pace is necessary to understand the life.

It may be helpful to everyone who is troubled with relationship, work and as students. It is useful for all the age of people. Book was Published 20 years from now, but it is suitable even for Nowadays problem. Once in a life time everyone should read that book. Author Mitch Albom wants to share his professor’s thought to everyone. After meeting morrie he changed his life and became helpful to world.

Book name: Tuesdays with morrie